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“I just had a few minutes this afternoon to watch the film on the link you sent. WOW. So incredibly powerful. I cried most of the way through!”


Suzanne M
“Accessible and powerful, it is open hearted enough to safely open a discussion about race and racism for teens through adults.”

Linda L

We Want the Quilts to Continue to Speak

Whether you’re an organizer, community nonprofit, church group, or professional organization, a screening of “Stitch Breathe Speak” is a profound way to begin conversations about the history and legacy of racism in the US. Together we can promote healing and repair, by first taking the steps of encountering, and reckoning with, the pain of the past and present.

How long is the film?

17 minutes. Perfect for a 60-75 minute time slot that includes a screening AND discussion.

Can I preview the film?

Yes. Email us at and you can preview the film before committing.

What format will I receive the film in?

We provide a link to download a .mov or .mp4 file of the film with complete instructions to show it from a computer. 

What is included in my screening host package?

  • Screening rights to host a screening in your community
  • Online link to access the film
  • PDF discussion questions
  • A poster and images from the film for promotion
  • Support from us

How You Can Host A Screening

Thank you for your interest in hosting a screening! We are delighted to support you in getting this film to as many people as possible.

The First Step:

Fill out the form below. We will work with you to set up a screening that best meets your needs and goals.

Things to Consider:

  • You can host an “in-person” screening, a virtual screening, or a combination of the two
  • You can sell tickets for your event, or simply ask for donations
  • Our licensing fee is $350 for a download of the film to screen for your live audience, but we don’t want price to get in the way. If the fee presents a difficulty, we will work with you to find an agreeable solution
  • For a nominal fee, you can choose to add a live “Q&A” with the filmmakers and subjects

If you would prefer to send an email direct, we can be reached at